2019.12.06 - 2019.12.08


Time: 9:00 - 17:00


Price: 480 EUR


For years we have developed an irresponsible bakery in relation to the contents of fats, carbohydrates and sugars among others.

It’s time to stop and think about healthy food.  Today we are going to work for a healthy, more balanced pastry and with the use of sugars rich in flavor and nutritional, flour and cereals that respect both our organism and ecosystem in the cultivation and exploitation of the fields. Less egg as fat and transcendental protein and healthy fats.




  • Responsible pastry, regarding the choice of quality ingredients that respect the environment and our nutritionally.
  1.  Tatin apple pie, olive oil saber and walnuts. Caramelized by osmosis and at low temperature in roner. 
  2. Carrot and quinoa cake (egg white base), grapefruit gelly, nuts and yoghurt. Sweet gluten-free carrot cake. Greek yogurt cream.
  3. Strawberry Ruby and rhuibarb pie with fresh cheese. Short bread deconstruction of olive oil, cereals and seeds,  strawberry and rhuibarb agar, Ruby chocolate ​​and strawberry  namelaka.
  4.  Ginger bread tart with olive oil and buckwheat, caramelized banana, pecan nut and water-based chocolate cream. (inulin and xanthan). 
  • Pastry without added sugar and low glycemic index recommended for people on low sugar or diabetes diets.
  1. Organic greek yoghurt mousse, gelly with green pineapple and creamy pine nut and cereal and seed sponge cake.
  2. Sugar-free dark chocolate mousse based on anglaise cream,water and meringue and coconut and lime cake with creamy peanut praline and its crunchy.
  •  Vegan pastry, free of egg and lactose.
  1. Dark chocolate mousse and aqua faba vegetable protein, caramelized apple and gelly, apple brownie, cinnamon and creamy almond praline.
  2. Light creamy hazelnut praline, papaya gelly with coffee perfume. Hazelnut and crumble cake.
  • Always gluten free classics
  1. Cooked NY cheese cake, berries and crumble (gluten free)
  2. Caramel Tiramisu take away (gluten free)


Course is practical so place a very limited - only 14 person.