2018.11.30 - 2018.12.02


Time: 9:00 - 17:00


Price:  460 eur



We are happy to announce that Hans Ovando Pastry Chef is coming back to our studio with very interesting practical course "Modern Desserts"!




Cakes sweet and salted selection

  •  Natural Pistachio raspberry (lactose free).
  • Pistachio water base mousse, raspberry creamy and raw raspberry jelly, salted pistachio crunchy.
  •  Edam cheese cake, plums and apple jelly with walnuts crumble sponge.
  •  Austral ocean seafood tart.  Cheese and spirulina salted sable, prawns cream and sea plant and salad.
  •  Savoury Cake Orange Duck. Soft sponge of emmental cheese, spices crumble, confit duck with orange and light foie grass cream.


Chocolate and bombons

  •  Influential matters in the formulation for bombons.
  • Calculation and stabilization of recipes.
  •  Bombons, ganaches and fillings.
  • Cheesecake, crumble and raspberry bombon.
  • Apricot sacher bombon.
  • Apple and cinnamon bombon.
  • Pepper, tomato and chocolate bombon.


 I Dough with fermentation process Croissant and brioche

  •  Influential ingredients in the recipes formulation and fermented doughs.
  • Types of ferments and sourdoughs.
  • Acid production, enzymatic development and sugar transformation.
  • Kneading, rolling and pieces making.


II Recipes development and flaky doughs, like croissant, fermentation and baking

  •  Creams and fillings for Danish.
  • Croissant dough. Simple and bicolour.
  • Butter croissant.
  • Gianduja and hazelnut croissant.
  • Walnuts marzipan croissant.
  • Danish Cheese cake crumble , apple and strawberry.
  • Danish with coconut cream and passion fruit.
  • Danish with cream and wild fruits.
  • Japanise sneken roll with lemon ginger and sesame.


III Development and elaboration of different brioche types



Ham olives and tomato brioche with basil.
Raisins, orange and almond Kouglof.
White chocolate, pistachio and cranberries brioche.
Braids of cream brulee and Chantilly cream 


Course is practical so place a very limited.