2019.03.01 - 2019.03.03


Time: 9:00 - 17:00

Price:  440 EUR 


Nina Tarasova is one of the most amazing chefs.


Her colorful a French-inspired style, details and fruitful production outstanding.

She is always drawing new sketches for creations and realizes ideas in the most unsuspecting style. 


We are happy to announce that Nina Tarasova is coming to our studio with very interesting new class!

It’s totally new program with new desserts, tastes and techniques. Chef focused on gluten-free, vegan and vegetarian themes. Not all desserts, but some of them completely vegan and gluten-free. And it’s not all. Nina introduce and molecular techniques.



Entreme "Gold of Saffron".

  • Sponge cake on rice flour and vegetable oil with honey soaking syrup;
  • Blueberry confit on agar;
  • Saffron cream brulee without baking;
  • Honey mousse;
  • Saffron glaze and chocolate decor.


 Entreme "Silk of the chocolate". 

  • Gluten-free sponge cake "Praline";
  • Crunchy texture with" Gianduya", granola and nuts in caramel;
  • Compote with pear, cinnamon;
  • Namelaka on white chocolate;
  • Light chocolate mousse;
  • Glaze" Gianduya" and chocolate decor.


 Opera "Orange-basil".

  • Orange-basil pate sablee;
  • Sponge cake "Joconde" with "bergamot" butter;
  • Citrus butter cream; orange-basil syrup;
  • Lime-basil ganache;
  • Neutral glacage with basil.


Chocolate cheesecake.

  • Composition: eggless coconut pate sucree;
  • Chocolate gluten-free sponge cake with yoghurt and granola;
  • Cherry-raspberry jelly;
  • Chocolate mousse "cheesecake" with granular cottage cheese.


Individual cake "Yoghurt and chocolate".

  • Composition: chocolate stones, chocolate chrispy;
  • Two mousses - yoghurt and chocolate.


Individual cake "Harley".

  • Almond sponge cake with apples and cognac raisins;
  • Almond croustillant with cocoa nibs;
  • Jelly lime-green apple;
  • Hazelnut milk jelly with rosemary and "caramelized" white chocolate;
  • Cognac-praline mousse.


Tart "Pistachio" (vegetarian).

  • Gluten free pistachio pate sablee;
  • Gluten free sponge cake with cherry;
  • Cherry marmelade;
  • Pistachio schrispy layer;
  • Pistachio mousse;
  • Pistachio glacage.


Tart "Fried egg" (eggless).

  • Gluten free pate sablee;
  • Gluten free carrot cake;
  • Cashew cremeux;
  • Molecular mango-apricot "egg yolk".


Tart "Madeleine".

  • Composition: chocolate pate sablee;
  • Dark chocolate ganache 64% Cacao Barry with red wine;
  • Softy caramel;
  • Chocolate madeleine with red wine;
  • Whipped milk chocolate 41% Cacao Barry ganache.


Pumpkin tea cake.