Date: 2020.07.13 - 2020.07.17



I-IV 8:00 - 15:30

V 8:00 - 17:00

Price: 1800 EUR



We are ready for second trip to Bee Chef Pastry School. 


Join our group next summer 07.12-07.18.


In this trip You will get:

  • five days of practical education in a small group of pastry-minded students. 
  • five days of work hand in hand together with famous Chef
  • six evening in amazing Barcelona
  • trip to the famous Jarpega shop
  • voyage via the sweetest places of Barselona


Price include:

  • five days of class at Bee chef pastry school 
  • lunches at school
  • recipe book in the convenient for the student language (Russian, Lithuanian, English or Spanish)
  • Bee Chef pastry school apron
  • Bee Chef pastry school certificate of the course
  • translation to Russian, Lithuanian language
  • hotel accommodation with breakfast from 12 to 18 of July (2 person per room)
  • Fly tickets are not included in price. 


Main course topics:

  • Viennnoiserie brioche (french brioche, brioche feullette).
  • Classic pastry (millefeuille, flan, eclairs).
  • “Picking” pastry such as pate de fruit, dragess and etc.
  • Contemporary pastry and new techniques in pastry: lactose and gluten free desserts.
  • Contemporary tartlets.
  • Gateaux de voyage.



The quantity of places is strictly limited so do not hesitate – contact us and take a trip to the fantastic, sweet and beautiful world of Pastry in Barcelona.


To make the reservation of the place we ask to make prepayment - 300 EUR. The rest amount is to be paid all or in parts by to specified time until 06.01. 


*You have possibility to travel with your friends or family members. You should pay just additional cost of accommodation.

*If you wish to live in single room, just let us know. You should pay just additional cost of accommodation.