2019.11.08 - 2019.11.10


Time: 9:00 - 18:00


Price:   340 EUR.


Demo class.


We are happy to announce that talented modern chef Richard Hawke coming to our studio with delicious Gluten-free desserts class.


Surprisingly tasty gluten-free products: less sugar, less fat, lactose free, eggless, creative flavors and amazing textures.

You will developed a different perspective on modern pastry trends.

Richard Hawke – innovative chef, developer. He is adapting one’s creations to gluten-free or allergy-proof patisserie and developing lighter products. Create recipes that, as the same time, do not leave a good balance of flavors and textures aside.


One of the most important step in his carrier is International professor at the Ecole Nationale Superieure de Patisserie. It opened the doors of teaching and pedagogy.


Currently hi is traveling around the world as international pastry consultant. He let chefs form all world improving knowledges how to use ingredients and create a recipe from scratch.



What you will learn?


  • Use of gluten-free ingredients in basic recipes to create different textures: sponges, shortbread, crumbles, choux pastry.
  • Vegan pastry techniques (use of soy and potato proteins in meringues), vegan crémeux with praline base, glazes (cocoa and neutral)
  • Converting your existing recipes into gluten free ones.
  • New decoration techniques, lighter mousses (texture and reduced fat) using different texturizing agents and techniques.
  • Converting classic pastry to lactose-free pastry
  • How inulin can help you reduce the sugar and fat in your recipes
  • Better understanding recipe and learning how to adapt them to your requirements.
  • Updated ganache aerienne with water base making for increased flavor.
  • The use of water in pastry to help concentrate flavors


  • Apple Slice: Almond shortbread (gluten-free), apple compote with tarragon, light vanilla Bavarian, green glaze.
  • Milky praline: hazelnut praline sponge (gluten & lactose-free), hazelnut praline crunch, silky hazelnut praline cream (vegan), milk chocolate plaquettes, galaxie lait 41% ganache aerienne.
  • Chocolate cake (completely sugar, gluten & lactose-free): Chocolate crumble (gluten & lactose-free), chocolate mousse (sugar & lactose-free), cocoa glaze (sugar and lactose-free).
  • Choux Marion: Choux crunch (gluten-free), choux pastry (gluten-free), orange marmalade, orange blossom water Anëo 34% ganache aerienne, semi-liquid almond praline centre, candied orange zests.
  • MOF: Soft coconut sponge (gluten & lactose-free), lime reconstituted shortbread (gluten & lactose-free), raspberry coulis, light coconut mousse.
  • Tiramisu: Coffee choux pastry sponge (gluten-free), milk chocolate coffee cream, mascarpone chantilly cream.
  • Anna’s Pavlova (100% vegan): Lime coconut meringue, coconut ganache aerienne, mango/passionfruit coulis centre, Fresh coconut and passion fruit.
  • Paris-Brest: Choux crunch (gluten-free), choux pastry (gluten-free), light hazelnut mousseline cream, praline sauce.
  • Cashew tart: Almond shortbread (gluten-free), almond frangipane with cashew pieces, light cashew praline cream (vegan), cashew praline.
  • Chocolate petit gateau (100% vegan): Cocoa nib crumble crunch (gluten-free), light dark chocolate mousse (vegan), cocoa glaze (vegan).
  • Santarem tart: Cocoa shortbread (Gluten & lactose-free), light chocolate frangipane cream, cocoa nib praline with almonds, Silky Santarem cream (vegan)
  • Lemon ginger tart (100% vegan): Almond shortbread (vegan & gluten-free), almond cream (vegan), lemon jelly, lemon cream, glaze, candied lemons.