Time: 9:00 - 17:00


Price:   410 eur


Practical class.


We are happy to announce that Veronika Belova and Andrey Dubovik is coming back to our studio for 3 days with magnificent class "Chocolate World"!


Their style outstanding, every cake and every bonbon cosmic.


You'll have opportunity to take participation in all steps: creating 2 cakes and 16 cosmic design bonbons. 



In this class you will get:

·         Theory of chocolate. All secrets about them.

·         Types of tempering.

·         Colors and cocoa butter. ​

·         Cakes creation and decoration.

·         More than 16 author designs of bonbons. Not only beautiful outside, but also very delicious inside.

·         All new top techniques.


8 filings:

·         Tomato-basilic-strawberry

·         Sea buckthorn-cranberry-lemon

·         Banana-passion fruit 

·         Yuzu-mango

·         Spicy pear

·         Etc

 2 types of dragee:

·         Macadamia-vanilla

·         Peanut-caramel

2 types of dipped bonbons :

·         Pistachio-Almond-hazelnut 

·         Passion fruit 

3 truffles:

·         Pistachio-Matcha

·         Buckwheat

·         Rum-dry fruits  

2 cakes decorated with chocolate:

·          green cake with water flowers, velvet effect, wet effect, work with ready sponge cakes, chocolate cream, ganache for frosting

·         golden marble cake, work with dummies, chocolate decoration


Course is practical so place a very limited.

Don't miss opportunity to see how to work talented chefs and gained experience from one of the best chefs.